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8 Things You May Forget When Planning Your Wedding

There are so many things you need to remember and it can get a little stressful if you don’t write out a list of To-Do’s! Here are just some things you should never forget to consider when planning your wedding day!!

1. Guests and Meals

Before you give your headcount to your caterer, make sure none of your guests have any allergies or dietary restrictions. If that is the case, give your caterer a heads up and see if there is an alternate meal for your guest who has does have restrictions.
Also, don’t forget to feed your vendors: the photographers, videographers, DJs / musicians, planners, etc.

2. Bad Weather

If you are having an outdoor wedding, it’s smart to have a Plan B just in case! The weather can be very temperamental (especially here in Indiana) so when scouting out venues, make sure there is an indoor option as well.
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3. Transportation

There are two things you need to keep in mind; how is the bridal party getting to locations and how are we leaving the wedding? You can have the party split up in multiple cars or you can hire a limo, party bus, etc.
When it’s time for you and your husband to leave, make sure you have transportation figured out as well. Are you two driving home? Or are you taking a limo? There are so many ideas out there but make sure you have it all set in stone!

4. Your Final Dress Fitting

When you buy your wedding dress, it won’t fit perfectly which is why you should put a little money to the side for alterations.

You will go through a series of fittings with your gown and once your final fitting is scheduled, it’s best to bring your Maid of Honor. When she is there with you, she can see how your bustle clips and know of any other notes from the specialist! This will help your wedding day run smoothly!

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5. Getting Ready Robes

When you are getting your hair and makeup done, I always recommend robes for my brides. They are comfy, cute and won’t ruin your glam when you change into your dresses! Etsy has a great selection plus you can get custom ones which are a bonus!

6. Don’t Forget to Eat

It’s so easy to get caught up in saying hello to guests and dancing the night away! Make sure you are eating and drinking plenty of water!
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7. Change of Shoes

Once your ceremony is over and portraits are finished, hop into some flat or sneakers so dancing doesn’t feel like a chore. Being in heels all day can put a damper on your mood when your feet start to hurt.

8. Sunset

Photographers love golden hour (an hour or so just before the sun sets). If you are wanting gorgeous sunset photos, it’s nice to plan your wedding day around this time. Just search Google your wedding date + when will the sun will set? Your photographer will love you forever.

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When planning such a big event, little things may slip your mind or feel unimportant right now. Keep ahead of the curve by writing down your thoughts right when you have them, you never know when a little idea could have a huge impact!
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