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10 Things to Do the Day After the Wedding

After a magical day filled with family, friends, food, and dancing, it’s perfectly acceptable to be completely exhausted the day after your wedding. You’ve endured hundreds of hours planning, multiple phone calls crying to your mom, sleepless nights, bridal showers, and a whole mess of emotions — you and your fiancé deserve some serious rest and relaxation after the big day! For those who aren’t setting off on a honeymoon immediately after, here are some of our favorite suggestions for you and your spouse to do the day after the wedding!
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1. Relax as Newlyweds

This is definitely the most obvious, but so important! Most newlyweds have spent the last week or so in a constant “go go go!” mode, so it’s easy to forget to unwind and enjoy your first day as a married couple! Sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, and take time to reflect on how amazing your wedding night was!
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2. Make it Instagram + Facebook Official

Nothing is official until it’s Facebook official! Am I right!? Switch your relationship status over to “Married” and let the whole (Facebook) world know that you just tied the knot!  For those who took their spouse’s last name, be sure to update your username, too.

3. Open presents

Opening cards and wedding presents is definitely a post-wedding highlight! Whether you made a registry or left it to chance, there’s no doubt that presents are an exciting part of the experience. Host a gift-opening brunch, or spend the afternoon in bed opening presents. Don’t forget to take note of who got you what so you can send out your thank-you’s!
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4. Spend Time with Family and Friends

Whether you invite everyone over for coffee or go out for a light lunch, consider spending time with your out-of-town guests. These people traveled from who-knows-where to see you, so make sure to make time for them! You may also consider a low-key outing that won’t take up a lot of your energy such as a boat ride or picnic.

5. Pack for your Honeymoon

Can’t wait to jet set away with your new husband or wife? If your big trip is only a couple days away, it’s definitely worth spending an hour or two packing up everything! Plus, it’ll get you two even more excited about your upcoming adventure.
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6. Bring Out the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

This is your chance to be cheesy! You’re in the honeymoon phase for crying out loud. Break out those cute couple gifts the day after the wedding and send photos to whoever gave them to you – they’ll get a kick out of it! Or, consider trying out these custom face masks ~ especially if you’re heading out for your honeymoon!

7. Order Takeout Food

We don’t encourage crash dieting leading up to the wedding (hello fatigue and cravings). But, it’s likely that you’ve been on your best behavior when it comes to your pre-wedding meal plan and fitness regimen. Now that the wedding is over, it’s time to treat yourself! Order from your favorite Chinese restaurant or inhale an insane amount of pizza. Don’t let yourself slip into regular unhealthy habits, but rather declare the day after the wedding as “treat day”. Besides, who has the energy to cook a healthy meal the day after their wedding?

8. Plan Some Post-Wedding Hangouts

You’ve likely been a bit MIA during the last few months of wedding planning, so it’s important to circle back to important relationships. Maintaining a balance between your new marriage and the relationships you cherished prior to your wedding is super important. In fact, balancing time with your spouse and time with friends will actually help you to have a healthier marriage and better relationships all around! Whether it’s book club or Sunday brunch, your friends will appreciate you penciling in some time for post-wedding gatherings.
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9. Look at Wedding Photos

Request to have your guests send you photos they took throughout the night. Sometimes those candid shots can be super meaningful even if they weren’t captured by a professional wedding photographer! Also, many professional photographers will have a set of ‘sneak peek’ photos ready for you the day after your wedding. You can start thinking about which pictures to include in your wedding photo album.

10. Write Down Your Favorite Wedding Memories

No need to write a novel, but jot down some of your favorite moments from the wedding day. You and your new spouse will have so much fun looking back on funny or tear-invoking wedding day highlights in the future. What a fun wedding anniversary tradition! Plus, plan out some future goals in this bucket list journal.
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Let’s Chat!

After planning such a big event, you deserve to take the following day (or more!) to just relax and enjoy the married life! Whether you spend the day with family and friends or relax in bed while stuffing your face with leftover cake, every couple will have their own version of what relaxation means to them.

What do you and your fiancé plan to do the day after the wedding? Or if you’re already married, how did the day after play out for you?

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