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Thalloo Events is a family-run event management company based on the picturesque Isle of Man. With over a decade of combined event management experience in planning unique weddings, successful charity fundraisers, and elaborate corporate functions, the team at Thalloo is the perfect accompaniment for your occasion. With the amazing team at Thalloo managing everything in the background, it leaves you with the chance to enjoy the occasion which you have worked hard to bring together.

We look forward to helping bring your vision to life.

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As a proud Manx company, we have made a large effort to seek out and handpick like-minded companies that offer the best services in their industry. This has allowed us to put together a long list of products and services that we feel comfortable recommending for your truly unique event. We love to get stuck into all the details, from the must-haves to the little finishing touches. Our ethos is ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable process, from the moment you contact us right through to the day itself.
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Establishing a baseline of your requirements for an event gives the strongest foundations from which to start planning.

If you are looking to personally run the event, but require a helping hand with the details, the team at Thalloo are here to help.


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Planning any event, from small charity fundraisers to large family weddings, can quickly become a time-intensive affair.

Employing the services of an event coordinator takes the stress off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what really matters, enjoying the day.

Event Planning

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Photographs are an amazing way for you to revisit and relive the memories of your special events.

At Thalloo Events, we have relationships with several fantastic Manx photography and videographers, allowing us to find the right supplier to any requirements you may have.


Utilising our large network of third-party providers allows us to create a truly bespoke event, catering to your individual requirements.

If you need specific details to make your event a resounding success, the fantastic team at Thalloo is able to make it happen

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